Infertility Healing Session Client Letter

“I had a session with Ken in August of 2008. My husband and I had been experiencing secondary infertility. We decided a healing session with Ken could help and so I contacted Ken. Ken and I spoke on the phone regarding his healing work and he explained in detail about the healing process and what I could expect. He was very receptive to my questions and took great care to ensure that I felt comfortable with the process.

We decided the best course of action for our healing session would be for me to call Ken the following Wed. evening. Wed. evening arrived and I called Ken at the agreed time. We chatted briefly and he asked if I had any more questions before we began the healing session. I felt informed and comfortable with the process because of our previous phone conversation and I felt ready to begin.

Ken walked me through a simple exercise designed to get me in touch with my chakras. Almost immediately, my chakra points began to tingle and sing. He then guided me through a meditative process that helped me to receive Ken’s energy. Through the meditative process I was able to feel a powerful connection to the universe and to God. I could feel my soul opening to Ken’s energy. Ken could sense that I had a strong relationship with God but that I was angry and disillusioned with God because of my infertility. Ken sensed God’s love for me and I felt His love envelope me and cradle me. It was a very comforting and wonderful feeling. Ken also felt the presence of my grandmother who had passed away in June. Ken didn’t know my grandmother had passed away nor did he know how close we were. Ken suggested that I speak out loud to my grandma as if she was in the room. I was able to tell my grandmother that I loved her and missed her and thought of her everyday. I was also able to tell her that my mom, her daughter, had a lot of anxiety about her mother’s passing. I felt the immense love that my grandmother felt for me and my mom. Grandma let me know that she was at peace and then she left. I felt her presence leaving and I was sad to let her go but I also understood that it was the way it had to be. Ken also sensed another entity locked deep in my soul. He sensed it was a very negative energy and the feeling it was giving him was one of unsteadiness falling off a bicycle. I was blown away that he could sense that energy in me. For as long as I could remember I lived with a tiny voice inside of me that wanted to make sure I was never truly happy. Ken was able to isolate the negative entity and expel it. After it was gone I felt the most amazing uplifting feeling. It was such an intense joy and relief to be rid of this sabotaging voice that wanted to make sure I could never truly be a whole person.

Ken walked me through the next phase of the session which was the healing process. He explained in detail what would happen next and was able to make me feel at ease with the next step. He started with my head and chased away entities that were interfering with my energies. Ken then moved down to my left shoulder and he got a strong feeling of negative energy. He asked if I had ever injured my shoulder. I told him I had recently painted my daughter’s bedroom and that my shoulder was sore from the painting. Ken said what he was sensing was a very old injury. I told him I had in fact shattered my shoulder and collarbone in a skiing accident when I was 12. He intently focused on my shoulder and walked me through breathing exercises to release the negative energy. As the energy was being released I felt a sharp pang of anxiety and fear which I immediately understood was the anxiety and fear my parents had regarding would their daughter ever be able to have use of her arm again. I hadn’t thought of the accident in years and I hadn’t realized until that night the enormous amount of negative energy and fear that was entwined around my shoulder.

Ken then moved down the upper torso and trunk but he kept sensing something out of place on my ribcage. He asked me what was located on the right side of my body four fingers up from my sternum. I thought a moment and was surprised the answer was my right breast. Interestingly, I had had a baseline mammogram a couple of weeks ago and just the day before I had received a call from my doctor saying that the films of my right breast did not look optimal and they wanted to do a follow up mammogram. Several years ago I had a lump removed from my right breast and had a lot of resulting scar tissue. I felt fairly confident that all the doctor was seeing on the mammogram was old scar tissue but it was still a nagging feeling to know that I needed a recheck. I told Ken this and he was able to release the negative entities from my right breast. As Ken released the entities I felt warmth and small flashes of what can best be described as lighting across my breast. After the entities were removed Ken said he felt confident that the second mammogram would show all was normal.

As Ken began to scan my lower trunk, he sensed a lot of anxiety from me. I explained that I was fearful of what he might find. He assured me that if he did sense anything was amiss he would tell me but that he also felt confident that he would restore balance in my lower trunk. He sensed a lot of negative energy and was again able to expel it and replace it with positive energy. Ken walked me through breathing exercises and how to use my chakra points to enhance the process. We talked about my anxiety with my infertility and how I worry about my reproductive organs not working right. Ken helped me let go of that worry and showed me that my creator doesn’t worry about it and so I shouldn’t either. He helped me understand that I am a perfectly healthy human being created with a divine purpose.

Ken continued on our healing process and scanned my legs and arms. He then helped connect all the energy points in my body. After our session, I felt an enormous amount of strength and energy. I felt ready to take on any challenge. It was truly a profound experience. Ken has a incredible gift and it is so awesome he wants to share it with the world. His power as a healer is truly amazing and he will change the life of anyone he touches with his gift. ” KB