Client Comments

“Ken Stone has a gift. He scans through the body and finds the parts of you that have lost their connection to God. Then he reconnects you.” – CM

“Ken Stone truly has a wonderful gift and it is such a blessing that he is willing to share this gift with others. Since our session I have felt so much more centered and ready for all of life’s challenges.” KB

“This was the deepest spiritual experience of my life. I am at a loss for words to describe what happened while Ken was working on me. My physical symptoms cleared within 24 hours of our session.” TJ

“Just wanted to let you know that whatever Ken did, or was done through him, has had quite remarkable effects on my state of mind, sense of connectedness, much more.” BF

“No energy healer has ever been able to have that kind of impact on my [headaches] before. Thank you!” SS

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