• Like Tuning A Piano

    Think of a piano that is out of tune. Could be a few notes here and there, could be the entire instrument. Could even be that the entire instrument is out of tune perfectly – meaning that each note has shifted in relation to the others. Someone with perfect pitch would know better, but the piano is still “in tune” relative to itself.

    Now think of your body, your mind, your spirit and your connection to God, the Divine, the Universe.

    Are there a few notes off in one area? In all three areas? Has your entire instrument slipped down a few frequencies?

    Do you feel disconnected or stressed? Do you feel yourself unable to recover that feeling of connectedness and peace you remember from some point in the past, even though you can’t pinpoint when it was? Do you yearn for a feeling of peace and joy that you know can’t be found outside yourself, but when you look inside all you find is chaos? Do you have control of your mind? Will it stop working when you ask it to?

    The energy work and healing that I do tunes each of the three parts of your “instrument” – your body, your mind, and your spirit – to the frequency of perfect health and the Divine. What this translates into is a sense of relaxation into who you are beneath all the outer fanfare.

    My clients report a feeling of deep peace and connectedness following a session with me. This feeling typically comes through as a deep sigh during the session – the kind of “ahhhhh” that happens when everything is right in your world. Clients often experience the resolution of physical ailments, from headaches and back pain to bleeding ulcers and even cancer (I frequently work with people going through chemo – after an hour their chemo side effects are typically gone). Physical healing is an outer manifestation of an internal shift that takes place when we return to our natural state. My work serves as a channel for that to happen.

    When you’re “tuned in” to the Divine within you, does healing always take place in the way you might want it to? I don’t know. What I do know is that when all the “junk” is cleared out, you feel different, and something new and beautiful starts to happen…

    I encourage you to read my healing blog, client comments, letters from clients, and Ken W Stone to understand more about what I do.

    Just like a piano tuner whose sole focus is to tune a piano without judgment, I work with my clients to bring their body, their mind, and their spirit back into harmony with God, the Divine, the Universe. There’s nothing to expose except perfection…a beautifully tuned instrument that can play an even more extraordinary sonata.